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We are a company oriented to the dissemination of our culture, committed to the environment and the economic development of the community workforce, offering products that have the elegance, fashion, trend and quality that our most demanding clients deserve to have.


Recognized brand, environmentally friendly, distinguished, renowned and demanding in the world of fashion, focused on elegance and avant-garde, thanks to the good reputation and distinction acquired by our high quality products, always in touch with the trend, fashion and wisdom of the Peruvian artisan.

Social responsability

PAYA, employs in its production handicrafts that have been previously trained and oriented, all from different regions of our country (Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Chincheros, Piura) highlighting the growth of families of artisans who have found economic stability with their work , making the countryside and its villages its main place of work, thus settling in their places of origin and preventing them from emigrating, achieving the development of their community and Region. We rescue the ancestral processes, the techniques, their products, that give a value and Cultural recognition to each piece produced, since all the production is linked to its traditions, the natural – authentic and other values.

Impacts on Society and Culture

We help to fix the young population and the rural environment or villages of origin We recognize in each artisan the great potential for innovation and the application of new technologies. We revitalize traditions, knowledge and crafts that are part of the legacy of its past generations. We contribute to the social, cultural, economic exchange between different peoples and cultures while giving greater value to the local.



Environmental impact

We use environmentally friendly materials: sheep wool, alpaca wool, sheep wool and alpaca wool, cotton, cabuya fibers, others, offering quality products with lower energy, water and raw materials consumption. Compatible with the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. It is an example of sustainability in a context of great challenges (Climate Change, uncontrolled urban planning, …)

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